NaYaBoh - Maintenance

Basic functions

This tools are available in the command line for those who don't have a GUI installed.


A short explanation of this tools:

Optional GUI

If you have the GUI package (nayaboh-gui) installed you will find an entry called "NaYaBoh" in the menu.

Menu of NaYaBoh
GUI for NaYaBoh

With this release, the GUI does not provide the full functionality.
Attention to users of Debian Lenny (stable). The gtkperl library seems to be to old, so the GUI may not run. If you use Debian stable you don't need a GUI anyways... so no fix for now. (I am happy if you send me a bugfix for this!)

How does it work?

NaYaBoh is using several techniques to speed up your internet:

Furthermore NaYaBoh eases network management by providing a DHCP server. So that all you computers will get their network configuration (e.g. IP) automatically.


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