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NaYaBoh is an Internet Proxy and Gateway, especially designed to be easy to use.

NaYaBoh is opensource software and thus free for you to use.

NaYaBoh helps you if you share an expensive and/or slow Internet connection among several computers. See some examples where NaYaBoh can be of help:

NaYaBoh does no magic. It uses common techniques which are well known to computer engineers. NaYaBoh allows you to benefit of this techniques without being such a specialist. If you install NaYaBoh, it will try to figure out a good setup for you and do it's job silently. To give you an idea how NaYaBoh is helping you, let me list it very briefly:

Enough talking for now... lets look at a picture.

NaYaBoh Benchmark
Installation in an IT-Centre in Buea, Cameroon. About 30 Windows clients online simultaneously.

On the Y-axis left you see the time. The two graphs indicate how long it needed to download a website. The red line is the normal Internet connection, the green line is the one which is enhanced using NaYaBoh. You will see that Internet is much faster with NaYaBoh, since the green line is lower. You will be able to produce such a measurement for you own environment with a simple click, after installing NaYaBoh. So that you can see your own benefit.

Try NaYaBoh

If you are interested to try NaYaBoh at your own site, follow this links:

  1. Installation: For downloading and installation instructions
  2. Maintenance: For tips and tricks how to use the running system
  3. Thank you: See what actually made this project possible


I started developing NaYaBoh during my stay in Cameroon. So I named it in the Pidgin language, a widely used westafrican dialect. In this dialect "na ya boh" can be translated with "this is your friend". It is definitely a fitting name for this piece of software!

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, you can contact me.

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send me your feedback

Send me some of your benchmark pictures and information about your location and how many computers you have connected. I would like to hear from you!

For now there is no big community activity for this project. If you are looking for help you can try the following sites:


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